Beta Testers needed to help test as students

EduGuide is looking for volunteer interested in participating in a beta test assignment which involves completing a course of online curriculum. You will join as a student and complete one online lesson per day. You will also interact with other testers who are serving as coaches on the team.

As a part of your participation, you will be asked for feedback on your experience including:

  • The content in the online lesson
  • Effectiveness of any email reminders you receive
  • The registration and login experience
  • Your overall impression of the site

You can register for this assignment by completing the following form. Contact Jon Morgan, Web Services Manager, with any questions you have about the assignment at

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Design that is all heart and soul risks missing the mark for users

Lately, I’ve been thinking about the iconic scene in “Frozen” where Elsa uses her ice magic powers to build her ice castle on the top of a mountain. The music swells, and she starts singing as she wills the castle into being. She has just been outed in front of her followers as having ice powers, and can no longer contain how she feels about it.

But, let’s take a second look at the castle that she builds. We forgive Elsa’s design choices because it’s an emotional time, and she is expressing her emotions. But, who is the castle built for? There isn’t any furniture, and only a couple of rooms. Where is the kitchen? Where is the dining room? Read More…

Why I started Cyberland

Over the years as I’ve worked on developing and launching UX Research and user testing campaigns, I’ve struggled with recruiting and managing participants. As I have hunted around for a solution, I’ve come across a lot of possibilities but none seemed to go far enough–or seemed economical.

Things reached a point where I began to think about building my own solution–somewhere that I could post information about the products being tested, share updates, and publish assignments. The more I thought about it, the more I realized that there must be other organizations around the same size of the one I work for who are also looking for an easy solution for their user testing needs.

So I wanted to invite anybody who is interested in user research, or the Internet in general, to check out a beta version of the website at I’ve set up the following features:

  • Blog – for sharing general announcements, tips, and updates.
  • Discussion Forum – Where visitors can post suggestions or bugs.
  • Questions Forum – A place to post your questions about UX research or testing.
  • Web Links – A library of recommended resources from around the Internet
  • Classifieds – For posting advertisements for testers
  • Sign up for an Email Newsletter

Members will have access to additional posts about specific companies. These will include assignments, knowledgebase articles, and development updates.

My goal is to write on Cyberland as if it is a detective agency. I chose the name because it sounds a bit about “Homeland,” a television show which features character who work for the CIA. I am hoping to make participation in the site feel a little like collecting clues and solving crimes. So, a blend between “Homeland,” and perhaps the movie “Tron.”

I’m open to any ideas or suggestions on how to make the site better. Visitors are welcome to post their feedback inside a forum located here.

In the addition to needing participants, I am looking for bloggers and moderators who are interested in helping me to grow this site into a bustling community.

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